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Stats & Standings

Coaches Manual

Scoring Options


To score a game make sure you are in Edit mode on your team page and select "game schedule." 


From the game schedule select the game you want to score by clicking on the "scheduled" button. 


You are now on the game page and will see up to 3 scoring options at the top of the page. Please make sure you are in Edit mode still or you will not see any options. 
The "Score Live" option will only appear for Football, Hockey, Baseball and Lacrosse. Please click here for more information on how to use the Sport Ngin Live - Real Time Scoring App. 

  • Quick Score - This option allows you to enter basic score information only. 
  • Edits Stats - This option allows you to enter the score as well as statistic details for your team and players in a tabular format. 

Statistics & Standings


Your primary source of control over the statistic configurations is within Tool Settings, which is revealed by clicking the yellow Admin pill button on a team, division or league page.
Here you will have full control over what stats are tracked, as well as how they are tracked and displayed.


Scroll down to the "Statistics" portion of the Tool Settings page. Here you will see all your statistic options. Here, you can choose whether to keep stats by player or by team, set Default Sorting parameters, choose team stats by game or period/quarter, and many other options depending on the sport. Check the boxes of the Stats you wish to utilize and be sure to select "Save Changes" located in the upper left of the Statistics section before exiting the page (see letter "A" in image below). 


  • By checking these boxes you are enabling the stats that will be available to track in your games and will be viewable within the Statistics page.
  • “Default Sorting” and “Qualify Leaders By” (See letter "B" in above image) control how your data will be sorted and display on the “Statistics” page.
  • To ensure that the leaders are only those with meaningful data recorded, a qualifying condition can be put on the leader sorting. Example: This allows players who have played a certain percentage of games to only be included in statistic leader boards. 


Once you've selected your statistic preferences, navigate to the "statistics" page of your team page.
On the statistics page you will see tables of information. Stats will vary depending on sport and options selected in the "statistics" portion of "tool settings" mentioned prior. You can sort the columns by clicking on the arrows next to the column headers


You may see two tabs denoting separate player and team stat sections (varies by stat preferences and sport).