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Content Management

Coaches Manual


Now that you have created your league and or team page it is time to populate it with useful content that not only increases the functionality of your page, but also makes it more aesthetically appealing to the viewer.  In this section, content additions and platform technologies relevant to league/team management will be covered.

Add a New Page


To add a new page to your website, ensure you are in Edit Mode on a page which you have permission over.  You will then be able to make use of the “Add New Page” button at the bottom of the hierarchy you are currently viewing on the left of the page.


If you are not able to see the left navigation containing the “Add New Page” button, please check to see if you need to flip into “Two Column Layout” for your page temporarily while you create the new page(s). To do so Click into the “Options” tab of your current page, and then select “Edit Page Details. 

 Then change the "column" preference to "two column" and click "save changes." 

Content Templates

This time-saving functionality of the Ngin platform allows for a coach/manager to specify common components of various team pages to be dynamically populated during page creation so that the elements will not need to be created manually in a one-by-fashion once the page is in place.
This functionality is only available to league managers/site admins and site webmasters, not page owners.


To access Content Templates you must enter the "Admin Control Panel" from the top right corner of your site. 


Once in the "Admin Control Panel" select "Website Tools" and there you will see the option for "Content Templates."


Select "Create New Template" to begin creating.

Layout Containers

Layout Containers house your content and allow for formatting control as far as column styling. They can also be mirrored from one page to another.


To create a new "layout container" make sure you are in "Edit Mode" and select "Add Layout Container."


Select the type of layout container from the two options; "New Layout Container" or "Mirror Layout Container."
Use "New Layout Container" if you'd like to make a new one from scratch. Use "Mirror Layout Container"  if you have added a layout container on a previous page to your “Mirror List,” and you plan to now display that content on the current page.
Mirroring is a Sport Ngin platform technology that allows users to manage and display a certain section of content as an exact replica in unlimited alternate locations on the website.


If you select "New Layout Container" you can then select the column layout from the choices shown in image below. Then hit "Create Layout Container" to finish and it will populate on the page for you. 

Page Elements

Page elements allow you to populate your team page with content such as text, images and links. There are many more options available as well. 


Make sure you are in "Edit Mode" on your team page and click on the "add page element" icon wherever you would like to add one. 
The collapsed "add page element" icon will read accordingly when you roll over it with your cursor (see letter A in below image).


Choose the page element you want to use from the list that populates in the lightbox that appears. 

News & Event Aggregators

The use of these two "Page Elements" is highly recommended as they add neatly organized data stream displays to engage and draw further interest from general users.  The "News Aggregator" is for News Articles, and an "Event Aggregator" is how one would add a Calendar Event to track things such as practice times or other non-game related scheduling.

News Aggregator: 

See the step-by-step instructions below or click here for more detailed instructions and an on-demand video.


To Edit the settings of the "News Aggregator"  make sure you are in Edit mode on your team page and then select "Edit" on the top right of the "News Aggregator." 


Click “Show Tag Menu” within the Edit box of the News Aggregator to alter the stream being displayed.
If you are working with an aggregator on a team page, you will likely only want that aggregator set to display information related to that team.  However, if you are working with a News Aggregator on a homepage, you may want to tag multiple teams and multiple other pages.

Event Aggregator

See the step-by-step instructions below or click here for more detailed instructions and an on-demand video.

This element will allow you to specify certain sections (tags/pages) of the website you wish to display upcoming event data for.  It functions much like the News Aggregator element.


Click on the "Edit" buton on the News Aggregator to adjust disply settings. 


Click on "Show Tag Menu" to adjust add additional team page events to your event stream. You are also able to edit the display settings from this edit lightbox. 


See the step-by-step instructions below or click here for more detailed instructions and an on-demand video.

Widgets are a Sport Ngin feature that allows users to display information housed in certain areas, such as the Statistics, Standings and Game Schedule pages of a team, division, or league page, in an unlimited number of alternate locations on a Ngin website. Widgets can also be created from Roster Groups. See image below for how to create a widget. Only when you have created a widget from the statistic or standings page will you be able to use the "Widget" page element.  

Tool Settings

The "tool settings" allow you to adjust the "photo, video and post"content of your team page. 

It is important to note that if you are having people follow your team using the mobile Sport Ngin app (available in the iTunes store at the following link:, these tool buttons are a great way for members to interact by posting content. 

Once in "tool settings" scroll all the way to the bottom to find the specific location of the "Photos, Videos and Post" editing options. 

Admin Page Operations

Administrative functions are only available via the Admin pill button when on a team, league or division page. 

Below we will break down the options under the "Options" portion of the Admin area. 

Copy & Move Page

  • The "Copy" function allows you to simply make an exact copy of the current page as it currently exists.  This copy will populate as an independent page wherever you choose within your site’s hierarchy. 
  • The "Move" feature allows you to relocate a page to an alternate location on the site.  It is important to note you will need to have edit rights in the area in which you are moving the page to.

Delete Page

  • This option should be used with extreme caution as any league or team page that is deleted is unrecoverable.  This includes any rosters, statistics, and other information directly associated with the team/league. 
  • Only delete a League or Team page if you will never have use for it or the information contained within again.

Add to Mirrors

  • This is where you go to add a mirror of an entire page.This mirrored page becomes a selectable option when clicking “Add New Page” and then “Mirror” in an alternate area of your site in which you have access.

Edit Team

  • This is where you would go to change an existing teams name, logo, and colors.  Please note the season denotation notice on the top of the image.  Any change to a current team retroactively effects previous seasons for the same team.  If you do not want to do this, then you will need to make a new Team to differentiate between the new team and the previously existing team.