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Scheduling & Rostering

Coaches Manual

Manual Game Creation


Navigate to the Game Schedule page of the League/Team in question, and flip into Edit Mode.  You should then see the option to “Add Game” in the middle of the display.


Once clicked into the “Add Game” interface, you will be able to select teams and configure settings for your game.

Outside League – This option will appear for league sites only and allows for users to schedule a game with an opponent in an alternate league on your site.  This is useful for non-conference games or tournament play during the season. Again, this option will not appear on solo team sites as in example above.

RSS/iCal Feeds

The Sport Ngin platform has always been crafted with ease of use in mind, so we have long put an emphasis on being flexible in the manner with which we make the data on our platform available to other applications such as RSS readers and iCal consuming calendars.

On any News/Event Aggregator, users can click to display the URL of one the data feeds the website contains in either RSS or iCal format. The RSS and iCal feeds presented in the light box will adjust accordingly as different tags are selected on the Aggregator/Calendar. 



To add a player to your team page roster, click on the roster button on your team page and select "add player."


Select the method for adding your players.
For a detailed breakdown of these methods please see the help center article located here