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Messaging & Permissions

Coaches Manual

Email Blasting


To message your Roster, make sure you are in "Edit Mode" on your team page and select "Groups." 


Click on "Messages" and then "Send Message to Group."


You will then be prompted to select your message recipients, either a selected few or all members of the roster. If you chose “Selected” you will be presented with our search tool.

Upon hitting "select members" you will be brought to the text editor and can then compose and send your message to the Ngin account profiles associated with the players on your team roster. 

Assigning Permissions


Any page owner can assign permissions to their page so long as the person who is receiving permissions is a member of the site and has an Ngin account. In order to accomplish this, you will need to go to your page while in edit mode, and click on the Admin Pill button and select the permissions.


  • From here you can give a certain person permissions or you can grant permissions to a group. 
  • In order to see what each level of permissions grants a user you can click on “Click to learn more about Owner, Edit, and View permissions” underneath “Individual Profile Permissions” or “Group Permissions. “ 
  • If you want to assign a single person permissions you will click “Add Profile. “ Likewise if you want to grant a group permissions you will click “Add Group.”